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May 6,2019 - May 10,2019    Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

This 5-day course is interactive and practical. As an added bonus, if one wants to sit for the exam, this comprehensive course fulfills the education requirements. Who Should Attend? Personnel involved in any aspect of project management or execution of project management from plants, laboratories, manufacturers, education, sales and suppliers – any industry! About the Course The nuclear regulatory requirements are unique for each safety related project. In order to successfully execute and complete nuclear projects, an effective project manager must be able to understand and evaluate all of the applicable requirements during the planning phase. This includes the scope, quality, schedule and budgets of the project. Our specialized training includes the Project Management body of knowledge and a supplemental session for understanding NQA-1 and the new guideline EPRI 5652 rev-1 as it applies to project management processes. Upon completion of this class, the student qualifies for meeting the classroom requirements to prepare for the PMP exam and obtain accreditation in project management, as well as obtaining an understanding for managing nuclear projects. NTI supports and provides other services to organizations which meet NQA-1 requirements. Professional Development Units / Exam Preparation You will receive a certificate satisfying the 35 contact hour requirements for PMP® certification or 35 for PDUs.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course the participants will be able to: INTRODUCTION Speak  project management vocabulary Explain how the ten knowledge areas interact with the five process groups and 47 project management processes Understand all the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for each project management process Become familiar with requirements to sit for the PMP exam Complete the application process PROJECT INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT Create Project Charter Manage change within a project PROJECT SCOPE MANAGEMENT Understand the roles of a project manager, sponsor(s) and core team Discuss the impact of organizational structures Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Determine metrics for a project Understand what is needed for a comprehensive project plan PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT Discuss estimate methodologies and budgeting practices Illustrate methods for measuring earned value Demonstrate understanding of need to establish thresholds for scope, time and cost variances and changes Create realistic budgets based on the WBS PROJECT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Use situational leadership styles based on motivation and skill levels of employees Implement the five conflict styles appropriately Determine different motivation techniques to use on team members Discuss advantages of committed, high-performing teams and how to lead the team through the five stages of team development Learn how to hold effective and productive meetings Discuss value of a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT Explain the Communication Model Describe effective communications and feedback among all stakeholders Communicate more effectively Demonstrate understanding of various types of communications Create a Communication Matrix PROJECT QUALITY MANAGEMENT Distinguish and apply quality planning, assurance and control methods Learn about quality gurus and their philosophies Use quality tools and techniques PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT Identify risks using both qualitative and quantitative methods Develop response strategies to identified risks Implement risk control techniques PROJECT PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT Explain various types of contracts, their intended use and ramifications on projects Understand an RFP or how to answer an RFP Know the terms of the contract for of all projects that they encounter PROJECT TIME MANAGEMENT Identify activities Establish logical relationships Estimate durations Determine critical path by showing dependencies Discuss lead and lag Create realistic and achievable schedules for projects based on WBS PROJECT STAKEHOLDERS MANAGEMENT Identify Stakeholders Conduct stakeholder analysis – Power / Interest Grid Analyze the Engagement Levels Matrix


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