Meet the Instructor: Jim Garrison

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NTI recently sat down with instructor, Jim Garrison, who will be teaching NTI’s Commercial Grade Dedication courses on May 9-11 and August 15-17, 2017. This is what he had to say:


NTI:  Can you describe NTI’s Commercial Grade Dedication training and why a class such as this is important to the industry?

Jim:  NTI’s Commercial Grade Dedication course is an introduction to the concepts and real world uses of Commercial Grade Dedication. For anyone providing items or services for Commercial Nuclear Power plants, it is important to understand the advantages and limitations to Commercial Grade Dedication.


NTI: What makes NTI’s Commercial Grade Dedication class different from similiar classes?

Jim:  I think the NTI class is a good mix of theory and real world examples.  You get the chance to work in a group environment on multiple dedication examples and see just how people can have different ideas on how to perform a dedication.


NTI: What is it like teaching with UCI co-worker, Divya Paidy?

Jim:  Divya and I both started out as procurement engineers, spending many years writing all types of dedication procedures. With my later experience leading the EQ team and her experience leading the dedication team, we have plenty of background working together to solve difficult dedication situations.


NTI:  And there is a guest instructor for the class…George Lipscomb?

Jim:  Yes. George brings a great outside perspective to the commercial grade dedication process. His experience working with the NRC and performing vendor inspections brings additional insights as to common failures and short falls of commercial grade dedication programs.


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Jim Garrison, Commercial Grade DedicationJIM GARRISON BIO

Jim Garrison is presently the Business Development Engineering Manager at United Controls International (UCI) where he coordinates and supports activities to increase UCI’s market visibility and strategic partnerships. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Garrison led UCI’s Seismic and Equipment Qualification Department, overseeing the review and creation of Nuclear Qualification Test Plans and Reports. He also dealt directly with site procurement, design, seismic and environmental engineers to develop plans to determine the Seismic acceptability, installed design life and susceptibility to Harsh Environment conditions of mechanical and electrical parts located in safety-critical areas of Nuclear Power Generation Stations.

Mr. Garrison received his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is an NQA-1 certified lead auditor and subject matter expert in environmental qualification, 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, and 10CFR50 Part 21. Mr. Garrison is a Lead Instructor with Nuclear Training Institute for their Commercial Grade Dedication and Environmental Qualification courses. He also serves on the NUOG Supplier Advisory Committee and has sat on committees to write/revise EPRI’s Guideline on Prevention and Detection of UnDeclared Digital Content (3002008010) and EPRI’s upcoming guideline on Reverse Engineering.