Commercial grade dedication is a process by which a commercial grade item (CGI) is designated for use as a basic component. This acceptance process is undertaken to provide reasonable assurance that a CGI, to be used as a basic component, will perform its intended safety function and, in this respect, is deemed equivalent to an item designed and manufactured under a 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B, quality assurance program. Assurance is achieved by identifying the critical characteristics of the item and verifying their acceptability through inspections, tests, or analyses by the purchaser or third-party dedicating entity.

Topics Discussed

  • What is the purpose of Commercial Grade Dedication?
  • How to perform Commercial Grade Dedication?
  • What is needed to start the process?
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Identifying the Safety Function(s)
  • Identifying Critical Characteristics
  • Acceptance Planning
  • Engaging Restrictive “Reasonable Assurance”
  • Sample Selection Methodology
  • Supplier Dedication Oversight
  • What makes up a Lot/Batch?
  • Production Traceability
  • How to determine a Sampling Plan?
  • Hands-on Development of a CGD Plan
  • Overview of the CGD Process of Computer Program and Digital Equipment
  • CFSI, challenging dedications, and samples of Part 21 reports will be discussed, as well as additional evaluations of seismic sensitive components originally qualified.

Who Should Attend?

  • Design & Procurement Engineers
  • Buyers and Supply Chain Personnel
  • Manufacturers wanting to implement an NQA-1 program
  • Manufacturers wanting to work with someone with an NQA-1 program
  • Anyone involved in the commercial grade dedication process
You will receive a certificate of completion upon passing the exam.

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