2 day course 
Course Dates: TBD

Communicating Effectively is one of the main tasks for a project manager such as defining the scope, creating reports, acquiring resources, and leading teams. This one-day, interactive workshop on Communicating Effectively delves into what to communicate and how to communicate at various levels both internally and externally.

Three hundred and sixty degrees of communication specifically means communicating information at different levels based on positions. Here is an example (It can change per project)

  • Top level = client / executive
  • Mid-level = peers / functional managers
  • Subordinates = team members

Clients and shareholders have different communication needs which need to be dealt with individually. Questions to consider are: “What information does each group want /need and how should it be presented?” This workshop familiarizes the participants with the appropriate mode of communication for each group and how to communicate it.

Team exercises and role-plays allow the opportunity to practice the various communication scenarios in a non-threatening environment. Feedback is provided based on the content, tone, and clarity of the message.


MAJOR COURSE OBJECTIVES The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Define “effective communication”
  • Examine communication barriers
  • Discuss electronic communication challenges
  • Explore different behavior styles and their communication preferences
  • Analyze challenges involved in communicating to various levels in the organization
  • Define 360 degrees of communication and its importance
  • Discuss methods for communicating 360 degrees
  • Examine ways to effectively communicate to all levels and behavior styles


Participants completing this workshop will gain or enhance their skills in:

  • Appropriate information being distributed in the most effective way
  • Communicating in a way that best suits the audience

Course Price: $695.00

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