NQA-1 Lead Auditor Training

July 15, 2019

Three-Day Course! This course is designed to provide an overview of Nuclear Lead Auditor requirements stated in 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and ASME NQA-1. This is provided through direct classroom instruction of Nuclear Lead Auditor requirements, shared experiences illustrated by instructors and nuclear industry examples, and history as it relates to becoming a Nuclear Lead Auditor.

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Nuclear Receipt Inspection

July 18, 2019

This two-day course covers all aspects of Nuclear Receipt Inspection, including codes and standards, an overview of commercial grade dedication, nuclear receipt inspection techniques, CFSI, non-conformity reporting, statistics and sampling techniques, and practical examples and exercises.

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Commercial Grade Dedication

July 23, 2019

This three-day course is designed to provide a better understanding of how Commercial Grade Dedication is applied in order to meet NQA-1 requirements. It is based on Revision 1 to EPRI NP-5652 and TR-102260 and covers important definitions, regulations/guidances, the commercial grade dedication process, CFSI, Part 21s, and practical exercises in commercial grade dedication.

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Understanding and Implementing ASME NQA-1

August 06, 2019

The overall objective of this three-day course is for students to gain a working knowledge of the ASME NQA-1 standard of Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications (QA). Participants are introduced to the history, structure, and content of NQA-1. The course looks at acceptable methods for implementing an effective NQA-1 within various regulatory environments. Special topics of interest to the nuclear industry are discussed and current practices examined. These include commercial grade dedication, software QA, and use of relevant sub-parts.

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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Preparation

September 09, 2019

This highly interactive, three-day course is designed to introduce the processes and techniques of project management to better prepare you for working in a project environment. Passing the CAPM® exam demonstrates your knowledge of the project management profession’s preeminent standard, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) published by Project Management Institute (PMI®).  This course is for those building their project skills for their job and looking to prepare for PMI®’s CAPM® certification. You will learn important project management concepts, key terms, and application of the project management processes described in the 6th edition PMBOK®. This will help you to distinguish yourself on the job and during job interviews for project management postings.

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Equipment and Seismic Qualification

September 24, 2019

This three-day course provides a better understanding and hands-on application of equipment and seismic qualification requirements, methods of compliance, validation of results, and proper documentation techniques. Emphasis is on electrical equipment with successful equipment qualification program examples.

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