What is Emotional Intelligence?

Research on the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been identified as among the most important factors in accounting for success in leaders and managers (Boyatzis, Goleman and Rhee, 2000; Goleman, 1998a)

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage oneself and to manage relationships with others. Goleman (1995) believes that it is more important than IQ. 
Emotional Intelligence differentiates the average leader from the high performing leader! EI leaders know themselves and how to handle others effectively.


The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Explore and define emotional intelligence
  • List the benefits of emotional intelligence for the leader, the team and the organization
  • Assess your emotional intelligence
  • Using an Emotional Competency Framework discover strategies to promote awareness, balance and direction at home and work
  • Recognize opportunities to apply emotional intelligence in leadership roles
  • Improve both personal and work-related relationship Completion of this program results in the participants: Improving interactions with management, teams and individuals Knowing their EQ and creating a plan to increase EQ and effectiveness in the workplace Using tactics for developing social competencies and group EI: awareness, balance and directions


Course Dates: June 14-15, 2016 (8am-5pm)


Course Price: $695.00

Cancellation Policy

Added Bonus: Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and an opportunity to participate in a blended learning follow-up session.

Working with Emotional Intelligence Working with Emotional Intelligence (NY Bantam Books, 1998)

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