3-Day Course

Essentials of Project Management is designed to introduce the processes and techniques of project management to better prepare for working in a project environment.

This three-day workshop takes participants step-by-step through the fundamentals of project management PLUS provides hands-on applications of the fundamentals by working on a job-related project provided by management.


The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Determine project objectives & requirements from the scope of work
  • Identify triple constraints and prioritize
  • Develop a project charter from class scenario
  • Create a WBS from class project scenario
  • From WBS, generate a network diagram and Gantt chart
  • Discuss various project management tools for creating Gantt charts
  • Analyze all resource conflicts from project tasks and resource information
  • Determine the risks in order to develop a risk matrix
  • Determine critical path
  • Investigate various ways to communicate within an organization and analyze a Communication Matrix
  • Analyze and discuss the necessity for roles, team building and conflict management
  • Produce and Project Charter, WBS and Schedule based on a work related project

Completion of this program results in the participants:

  • Developing a Project Charter based on a current work-related project
  • Creating a WBS, the heart of Project Management that defines scope
  • Developing a realistic schedule for better project control
  • Differentiating which project management tools are suitable for their organization’s needs
  • Creating a Communication Matrix essential for projects successes
  • Comprehending the risks of a project and applying qualitative and quantitative measures for high risk activities
  • Learning how to interact with all stakeholders for maximum results


Course Price: $995.00

Course Date: TBD

205 Scientific Drive
Norcross, GA 30092

Questions: Email NTI at info@nucleartraininginstitute.com