Greg Amsden 1Greg has 42 years of experience in Quality Assurance including auditing, inspection, NDE and QA/QC program development. In his time in the US Air Force he was a certified Jet Mechanic, NDT Inspector on the Minute Man Missile program, and QC Inspector on the 2.75 Series rockets. Greg went on to become the QC Lead Inspector for a company manufacturing pipe hangers supplied to the nuclear power industry. Greg acquired the designated Level III NDE Examiner requirements under ASME Section III. In 1979, Greg became a Nuclear Quality Assurance Lead Auditor, and since then, he has maintained his certification as a Nuclear Lead Auditor.

Greg has performed audits on a diverse spectrum of companies supplying items and services for nuclear power generation including manufacturers, suppliers and laboratories. While at Rochester Gas and Electric, he was appointed NUPIC auditor and performed this job for sixteen (16) years. He also served as the Nuclear Fuels Representative for twelve (12) years performing surveillance and audits of all the Nuclear Fuel orders.  While contracted to DOE projects, Greg performed inspections of high radiation waste burial boxes being used for containment at Nuclear Waste sites at the DOE Hanford Site. Other related plant experience includes supporting a shutdown of Connecticut Yankee Plant keeping the AVL up-to-date and retraining of a number of Lead Auditors.  He was assigned to perform QA oversight of the special transport barge being reworked to ship Connecticut Yankee Plant waste to the Waste Management Site in South Carolina.

Nuclear Power Quality Assurance has been predominant in his career experiences. He obtained permission to develop “Quality Assessment Services” (QAS) within RG&E enabling QAS to perform audits/surveillances for DOE clients.  RG&E allowed the Procurement Quality Assurance (PQA), under QAS, to perform these services as long as PQA were able to keep up their regular assignments. On April 6, 2006, Greg officially retired from RG&E and went on to establish Amsden’s Consulting Services (ACS) to continue to support the Nuclear Industry.