2 day Course
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Course Description

Module One Leadership and Team Building is a highly interactive module that explores leadership attributes and behaviors as they relate to a successful working environments. Participants, in small groups, experience team building activities and discuss team stages, team communication issues, individual and team conflicts, roles and motivation of team members.

MAJOR COURSE OBJECTIVES The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Complete Leadership Styles Inventory and then discuss situations when to use each style appropriately
  • Analyze seven types of power
  • Learn how to increase power base
  • Analyze differences between power and influence
  • Analyze why teams are necessary and the roles they play in the workplace
  • Inspect roles and responsibilities of all team members
  • Participate in team building exercises and discuss outcomes of group dynamics
  • Discuss stages of team development and how to lead a group through the various stages
  • Analyze the communication barriers by actively participating in various communication and listening exercises

Module Two Handling Team Conflict introduces ways to identify, analyze, and manage conflict. Included is an assessment that analyzes the five conflict modes and ascertains which mode the participants are more likely to use when dealing with conflict. Also introduced are human behavioral factors involved in dealing with conflict.

MAJOR COURSE OBJECTIVES The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Determine the nature and causes of conflict in teams
  • Identify participant’s dominant conflict modes
  • Discuss and list when it is most appropriate to use each conflict mode
  • View and discuss video on conflict
  • Use the points emphasized in the video to select and role play a work-related team conflict with a coach and an observer
  • Understand dynamics of conflict in teams through group exercises
  • Learn negotiation techniques and participate in a negotiation exercise
  • Follow a plan of action for dealing with conflict in a relevant, current work-related conflict situation

Completion of this program results in the participants:

  • Inspiring, motivating and guiding others towards goal accomplishments
  • Consistently developing and sustaining cooperative working relationships
  • Encouraging and facilitating cooperation within the organization and with customer groups
  • Fostering commitment, team spirit, pride and trust
  • Developing leadership in others through coaching, mentoring, rewarding and guiding employees

Additional Material: Thomas-Killmann Conflict Mode Instrument



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