Joseph Joe MalliaJoe Mallia has 30 years of experience in power generation. In that time he has been involved with numerous aspects of power generation including design engineering, fabrication, plant construction, initial start ups, operations, maintenance, project management, quality assurance, and research/development. Joe has worked at power plants with capacities ranging from small municipal 10MWe units to large utility 1,300MWe units, consuming fuels ranging from refuse, wood, coal, oil, and natural gas to hydroelectric and nuclear.

Nuclear power engineering has been predominant in his career experiences. Joe Mallia has been directly responsible for project applications involving principals of physical sciences and mechanical engineering to ensure safe, economic and efficient nuclear power generation.

A resident of Rochester, NY, Joe earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and is studying for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.  Always intrigued with fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, power generation has been a perfect fit with Joe’s interests.

Joe’s experience in nuclear power incorporates plant design and construction at facilities including Pilgrim Unit 1, Nine Mile Unit 2 and most extensively at Ginna Station, currently the nation’s oldest operating nuclear plant.  As an on-site engineer at Ginna, he was extensively integrated with facility system engineering. At this aging 500MWe nuclear plant, the challenges of economically maintaining the plant’s systems for plant life extension and license renewal were substantial.

Today, Joe Mallia shares his areas of expertise with clients of Amsden’s Consulting Service (ACS), providing consulting for companies involved in ASME commercial nuclear NQA-1 programs and manufacturing. He provides engineering, auditing, project management and training services for nuclear design firms and manufacturers in the nuclear power industry. Joe Mallia is one of a team of five (5) consultants working for ACS.  A very detailed source surveillance auditor, he is instrumental in developing Nuclear Quality Assurance Programs, Manuals and Procedures.

Joe Mallia also serves on an academic board at New York’s Polytechnic Institute, now a part of New York University, in the development of curriculum for minor degrees relating to nuclear power.  He also has developed various training classes and presentations directly for the nuclear power industry, for which he is a dynamic and experienced instructor.