John HendricksJohn Hendricks (former founder of Farwell & Hendricks Inc.) has over 30 years in the Nuclear Industry. His Seismic Qualification experience includes being a member of IEEE-344-1987 working group, co-developing the first trial seismic simulator, technical development of EPRI-SQURT Program, and Project Management for 1000’s of qualification programs. Mr. Hendricks developed and managed an environmental test laboratory, including LOCA and thermal chambers, Material Analysis, and stress cycle testing.

Mr. Hendricks has performed management assessments of equipment and seismic qualification programs for two DOE process facilities and two commercial nuclear power plants, which included test and analytical strategy, procedure improvements, EQ file structure improvements, staff training needs, staffing recommendations, process improvements, and guidance on review of vendor technical submittals. He has also been the Program Manager for the Seismic Qualification Reconstitution Program Assessment for 450 installed items.