2 day course
Course Dates: TBD

Course Description

This is a highly interactive two-day program that explores leadership attributes and behaviors as they relate to management practices. Participants working in small groups discuss leadership attributes, learn leadership styles and how to improve their power base.

MAJOR COURSE OBJECTIVES The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Complete Leadership Styles Inventory and then discuss situations of when to use each style appropriately
  • Participate in exercise that demonstrates various leadership styles
  • Learn when to use each leadership style
  • Complete Power assessment to determine which type of power the participant expresses
  • Analyze differences between power and influence and learn how to increase power base
  • Learn how to increase power base in all power categories

Additional materials: Power Assessment Profile, Leadership Styles Inventory

Completion of this program results in the participants:

  • Improving interaction with subordinates and peers, increasing morale
  • Increasing power base to accomplish personal and work-related goals
  • Understanding what it takes to be a leader
  • Leading teams successfully through the five stages of team development

Course Price: $695.00

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