5-Day Course!

The course’s ultimate goal is to reduce the number of accidents caused by human error within an organization. This class begins with the fundamental principles of human performance to provide a basic understanding of the working individual’s mentality. Fallibility and vulnerability are inherent in the human condition; however, throughout the week, different modes of human performance and their modes of failure and error are studied. This course provides the worker, leader, supervisor, and organization with a practical set of skills that, when properly implemented, will help¬†substantially reduce the likelihood of an incident to occur. Through the use of a human mentality model, the overall question of “why human error occurs” is dissected and discussed. This model focuses on breaking down the conditions that can possibly lead to error, so that proactive defenses to eliminate those conditions can be constructed. Additionally, examples of potential industry situations will be discussed as a way for the students to learn from the experience of others and be able to avoid such situations from occurring in their own organization.

Instructor: Jan Smid


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