Lead Auditor Course – A High Energy Reaction

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The NQA-1 Lead Auditor certification class gave me a new respect for the Quality Assurance responsibilities that are required in the Nuclear Industry. I gained a new appreciation for the rigorous checks and balances that make up a robust quality assurance program. As a procurement engineer in the nuclear industry, the Lead Auditor class provided additional insight on the importance of choosing the correct critical characteristics, the correct method for verification of these characteristics and background for the overall basis for verification testing and traceability. I would highly recommend a NQA-1 Lead Auditor class for any new employees just being introduced in the world of Nuclear Power. Not only will the class provide a good introduction to NQA-1 and several other important regulatory documents, but it lays out the basic principles that will give any employee the tools they need to be successful in the Nuclear World. Becoming a certified Lead Auditor and participating in multiple Nuclear Audits, has made me more aware of areas for improvement in our own Quality Assurance program. The content of the class is also recommended for individuals that have been in the Nuclear Industry for years. It helped me more fully develop a thought process when dealing with safety related components. Instead of just looking at the engineering side, it allowed me to take in the whole picture of engineering, quality assurance and continuous improvement of all processes. Because of the training and experiences relating to it, I am now a much better-rounded engineer.

Jim G